Impacts of Swiss food consumption and trade


With the help of global nutrition composition databases, food consumption, trade and life cycle analyses we will design evidence-based, specific national transformation pathways within the scope of this project.




Dietary Change Scenarios and Implications for Food SustainabilityDietary Change Scenarios and Implications for Food Sustainability 10:00:00 PM
Multi-indicator sustainability assessment of global food systemsMulti-indicator sustainability assessment of global food systems 10:00:00 PM

​Project description (ongoing research project)

Through the exchange of data and cooperation with the largest Swiss food producer and retailer, “Migros”, we will prepare an in-depth analysis of the most relevant influencing factors of Swiss food consumption and trade with a focus on improving nutritional and ecological impacts, and providing specific recommendations for action.


Global food demand will increase by about 70 percent by 2050. Ensuring adequate nutrition and minimising the environmental impacts of food systems is thus becoming an ever-greater challenge. In addition, agriculture and food production have the greatest impact on resource use and environmental sustainability. In addition, diet-related illnesses are the most common cause of death and lead to impairment of normal, symptom-free life.


We want to develop a new framework that combines a multi-indicator-based environment and ecosystem impact assessment with a nutritional quality assessment in order to evaluate the sustainability of national food systems.


Positive dietary changes, such as the shift to foods with low environmental impacts and beneficial nutritional content, can foster the aim of global sustainable nutrition and thus contribute towards improving global nutrition and health standards while reducing anthropogenic pollution.

Original title

Nutritional combined Environmental Impact Assessment of Swiss Food Consumption and Trade

Project leader

Project leader

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Mathys, Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health, ETH Zürich

Project partner

  • Pulse Canada​



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