Researchers define the cornerstones of a circular economy

What are the key aspects of a circular economy? A research team has developed a robust definition of a sustainable and resource-based circular economy.

The Laboratory for Applied Circular Economy (LACE) has summarised its results in a recently published "knowledge transfer note". The authors explain that circularity will not be enough to make our economy sustainable: we also need to take account of planetary boundaries. The note presents the principles underpinning the assumptions on which their definition is based and it includes proposals for an instrument that could help in applying the definition in practice.

The note is available in English, French and German. It is the first in a new series of publications that aims to make research results accessible to non-experts. The target audience includes decision-makers in business, administration and politics. The knowledge transfer activities of the LACE project are supported by sanu durabilitas, a think-and-do tank promoting sustainability. Further "knowledge transfer notes" written by sanudurabilitas will be published soon.

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