How to make the circular economy environmentally sustainable and profitable

NRP 73 gave a masterclass on the circular economy at this year’s Swiss Economic Forum, which was held on 23 and 24 May 2019.

Participants discussed the factors that are both driving and impeding the circular economy with representatives of Losinger Marazzi and Metall Zug and with the Managing Director of Vögeli AG. The discussion showed that many companies focus primarily on recycling and that the circular economy is particularly advanced in the building materials industry. Other industrial sectors anticipate incentives that will help make recyclable products competitive. The process of transformation into a sustainable circular economy also means companies fundamentally rethinking their approach, something that will have to be accompanied by a comprehensive strategy and communication activities, as well as identifying the right partners in the value chain.

Research projects currently in progress as part of NRP 73 are investigating these and other issues.

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