Graphic recording of the current status of research

The key findings from the 2nd programme conference on 13 February 2019 have been recorded in visual form, and provide a good overview of the research topics addressed by NRP 73.

Among other things illustrated by the diagram are the key challenges and issues associated with the nine thematic areas.

  • Policy recommendations (now governance): Which regulations facilitate or hinder a sustainable economy?
  • Sustainable behaviour: Specific measures can improve the sustainability of value chains, giving rise to positive spill-over effects. Societal and political decisions should adopt a more pronounced long-term perspective.
  • Supply chains: Enrich Swiss (public) procurement by adding sustainability indicators.
  • Agriculture, food and nutrition: How can economic and environmental perspectives be brought into greater alignment? And how can scepticism towards new technologies be reduced?
  • Forestry: Post-fossil cities are reliant on forestry services and products. Which scenarios can better help to resolve conflicting objectives?
  • Cities and mobility: What would be the economic impact of a fossil fuel-free Switzerland?
  • Construction: How can the transformation to sustainable construction be facilitated? What are the relevant system boundaries at company, cantonal and federal level?
  • Finance: How can investments in clean technologies be financed and how can companies be persuaded to invest in those technologies?
  • Circular economy: How can the circular economy be made environmentally sustainable and profitable? What framework conditions would encourage this?

Find inspiration in the work of Filippo Buzzini of Sketchy Solutions, which was created during the 2nd programme conference for NRP 73.

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