NRP 73 at the World Resources Forum 2019

Resource use as well as sustainable consumption and production are key for the implementation of the Agenda 2030. NRP 73 wants to further promote dialogue in this area.

The World Resource Forum WRF 2019 will take place in Geneva on 23/24 October 2019. The WRF 2019 will focus on the topic "Making Natural Resource Governance Fit for the 21st Century. This topic was chosen to further promote dialogue on resource use as well as sustainable consumption and production.

NRP 73 will be well represented at this year's WRF: Gunther Stephan will give a speech on "Inter-generational fairness and sustainability" in the first plenary session while Barbara Dubach will co-moderate the two-day event. In addition, NRP 73 is offering a workshop on "Trade relations and sustainability", and numerous research projects will make contributions.

Visit the website of the WRF 2019 and register now! We are looking forward to seeing you.







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