SDSN Switzerland & NRP 73 Online Workshop Series

In a series of online workshops, participants will debate the preliminary research findings of NRP 73. The goal of the workshops is to elaborate calls to action for policy makers, public authorities, as well as business- and civil society representatives, in order to facilitate the transition to a sustainable and fair economy in Switzerland and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


16.06. Sustainable construction &housing
Trade-offs between innovations in construction industry and housing
18.06. Digital innovation for sustainableagriculture
The costs and benefits of precision agriculture in small-scale agriculture
25.06. Spill-over effects of sustainablebehaviour
Consumption patterns, limited budgets and motivation in consumers
30.06. Nudging and voluntaryagreements in the private sector
The potentials of nudging to steer company behaviour
02.07. Towards a sustainable food system
Health, environment and affordability
07.07. Environmental monitoring
Environmental impact of the supply chains of the globally connected Swiss economy

How you can join

The six online workshops will be held as individual Zoom sessions.

Each session will kick-off with inspiring inputs by NRP 73 researchers, with further experts weighing in.

In break-out “rooms”, calls to action will be formulated and validated in a final fishbowl discussion.


16.06.2020 13:30


07.07.2020 19:00



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​Andreas Obrecht, Managing Director SDSN Switzerland

Jorge Tamayo Cabrera, Network Manager SDSN Switzerland

Barbara Dubach, Leiterin Wissens- und Technologietransfer NFP 73

Pascal Walther, Programm Manager NFP 73